Tilly Sveaas Jewellery 

Tilly Sveaas Jewellery infuses modernity and sustainability into traditional designs. Links, chains, and pendants are the building blocks of each collection using these fundamental elements and making them their own, regardless of gender or age. Designing for those that seek individuality, the continual playful development of each collection expands as new dimensions, weights and sizes are introduced using ethically sourced materials.

Tilly Sveaas has discovered the equilibrium that balances contemporary taste with ageless staples. Bought to be worn, made to last, and designed for versatility, Tilly Sveaas jewellery is a sign of modern style.

Absolut Cashmere

the Absolut sweaters are meticulously created from one of the rarest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world – Mongolian Cashmere. They are raised in our Absolut production centre in an ideal climate and environment, and further we work to develop responsible collections with the utmost respect for our little goats and their breeders, guaranteeing you an incomparable quality.

We only trade with artisans and suppliers who share the same values as us, in order to offer the best possible ecological solutions. Finally, by buying Absolut Cashmere, you are not only buying a sweater, you are contributing to feed the Mongolian nomads and the  herds we work with, so Thank You! Cashmere is a natural material with thermoregulatory and anti-odorant functions , it has the property of adjusting to body temperature in summer and winter. These natural qualities cannot be matched by any synthetic material. In addition, absolut cashmere clothes have a long life, due to the particular care taken in their manufacture. Our cashmere has been designed to act as a second skin, wrapped in its natural fibers we can only be gratifying to nature for giving us this gift.

Moray Cashmere

Moray Cashmere was established in 2005 to supply fine long staple Mongolian cashmere to specialist tailors and exclusive independents in the West End of London. At The Laundry, we have been buying Moray Cashmere for years. The cashmere is spun with greater twists which means the yarn is tight with a high tensile strength which minimises the risk of pilling and maximises the density of the cashmere in the finished knitwear.

It is only possible for Moray to supply this premium product at a fair price by making to order, holding minimal stock and not advertising or visiting trade fairs, so once we have sold out, we have to wait for the next season.

Amazing Woman

Amazing Woman was founded in 2005, initially conceived at a time when we felt there was something missing in the women’s jeans market. The idea was to create a fabulous fitting jean in comfortable denims in a variety of styles and colours. Now we house a vast array of styles and fits for all ages and shapes.

Amazing Woman is designed with real women in mind and they’ve got the balance between style and comfort just right.

This best selling brand offers a wide selection of knitwear, linen and jeans in a range of fits to suit all bodies, shapes, and occasions making Amazing Woman pieces a must for your wardrobe. 


After almost a decade as an independent fashion retailer, Alison Townshend had a vision: to create a retail brand that specialised in unique collections. Luella was born out of Alison’s personal experience of running her own boutique. Listening to her customers and recognising the difficulty in finding them fresh, flattering knitwear, she set about bringing a design team together to create stylish monthly collections.

Alison travelled to Italy, in search of the very best yarns and textiles. Those
first months were hard but great fun. She spent time connecting with other
independent retailers to find out what their customers really wanted, and
interestingly, the feedback turned out to be very similar. This first-hand experience means Luella is perfectly positioned to offer beautifully-designed collections that are on-trend and timeless.

Today, Luella the brand is synonymous with luxuriously-soft knitwear, as well as in-season Italian linens, beautifully patterned cotton shirts and flattering, wear-everywhere dresses.

Save My Bag, Italy

The revolution began in 2013 in Bergamo, Italy.

It all started with an idea of the founders Stefano and Valentina Agazzi, two young exuberant entrepreneurs with the desire to bring a fresh touch to the fashion world. Stefano, born in Bergamo, has an artistic mastermind with a business-wise charisma; Valentina, who is half-Thai and half-Italian, has an international taste and experience in luxury goods management.

Their fusion was the trigger that made Save My Bag explode.

Intended originally as a luxury waterproof cover to “save” a designer bag, Save My Bag has gone as far as a unique “it bag” status all of its own.

​Innovation is in the DNA of the brand just as creativity is in its soul. Save My Bag enjoys creating new products and finding new ideas. The key to success of the Italian brand is its innovative Poly-Fabric with Lycra® material.

Poly-Fabric with Lycra® is our patented material: a super soft blend that is even lighter than neoprene. Chic and cruelty free, resilient and refined. A washable and elastic fabric that adapts to everyday needs with great versatility.

Nour London

Formed in July 1991 by husband and wife team Mehrdad & Setareh, Nour London has grown to become one of the most innovative costume jewellery design companies in the UK winning many awards for their values of sophisticated designs,

unrivalled craftsmanship and use of the best quality materials which guarantees that their collections are the most unique, contemporary,
elegant and timeless pieces at unexpectedly affordable prices.


Many years ago, having received a beautiful Hermes scarf as a birthday present, I pictured my drawers full of scarves and decided to make them myself. I pasted stars and flowers from magazines, books and wallpaper on a square background and found someone in India who made up ten samples based on my designs. Amazingly, they came back just as I’d imagined.

I took them to a trade show in 2007, pegged up on a washing line and got about a dozen orders from shops. After a couple of years, I moved into cashmere, focusing on neutrals with a star print — now bestsellers.